Southbridge School is governed by an elected Board of Trustees. The current board was elected in 2015 for a three year term and consists of five parent trustees, the principal and one staff trustee.Working in partnership with the principal, the board is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the school and overseeing the management of finance, property, administration, health and safety and personnel.


School Charter

The school’s charter is the key working document for the Board of Trustees and is the basis for all board activity. It is a binding document which sets out the board’s strategic leadership expectations for between three and five years, reflects what the board is doing to make a difference for student achievement and progress, and describes how the Board is giving effect to the National Education Guidelines.

You can download a full copy of Southbridge School’s 2018 charter at the bottom of this page.


Board of Trustees Meetings

Board of Trustees meetings are held at least 10 times a year. The dates for the meetings are set at the first board meeting for the year. Parents, caregivers, staff and other interested members of the school community are welcome to attend.


Board Scholarship

In 2012 the board of Southbridge School developed a Board Scholarship. The basis of the scholarship is to assist an individual student in a specific field of excellence. The emphasis of any grant made under this scholarship is on awarding, supporting, recognising, assisting and encouraging further achievement in any particular sphere of endeavour.

Further details about the scholarship and application forms can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.


Board of Trustees Members

Chairperson         Richard Hall

Parent trustee (Property)       Jack Dewhirst

Parent trustee (Personnel)      Rochelle Ealam

Parent trustee (Finance)      Carl Bowden

Parent trustee (Policies)      Tracey Chynoweth

Staff trustee         Wendy Huriwai

Principal               Tamara Bell

Board Secretary  Rowan Clibborn

File Attachments

Southbridge School Charter 2018 Download File
Board Scholarship application form Download File
Board Scholarship Regulations Download File
Annual Report Download File