Learning Support and Extension

Learning Support
Children with individual needs are well supported at Southbridge School. This can be in the form of support with English as a Second Language, behavioural and social needs, speech therapy, health needs, physical disability needs and academic learning needs, to name but a few.

We have specialists visiting regularly who work as part of our team, enhancing learning opportunities for all children.

Gifted Education
We strive to differentiate our classroom programmes to offer challenge and choice through all curriculum areas. Children are provided with opportunities at different times to attend extension programmes to further develop their skills in identified areas of talent or giftedness; sporting, the Arts, ICT, and Inquiry as an example.  If warranted, children are offered extension programmes through the New Zealand Correspondence School and The School for Young Writers.

The Board of Trustees offers a scholarship to enable students to further their special talents.

Whānau groups of gifted children are brought together to provide opportunities to do some mind bending with people who may challenge their thinking.