Seeds of Learning Programme

Seeds of Learning (or SOL) is the context through which we develop our curriculum programmes. Our aim is to ensure that our students learn about the community in which they live, participate actively in that community and that they learn through authentic tasks related to the community. In 2014 we further developed our gardens and purchased a greenhouse to support this. 2015 we introduced hens and in 2016 we are about to introduce a kunekune piglet. Our focus for 2017 was to develop our ‘stage 2’ aspect for our kunekune enclosure. We also relocated our chooks to a more sunny area of the school and will be running water to these areas to support with the caring of our beloved animals. A big project in 2017 was the planning and planting of our school orchard which is now home to around 40 fruit trees. We were fortunate enough to get money from Fonterra for our projects which allowed the building of Stage 2 for our beloved pig, building of the SOL feed shed and the purchase of macrocarpa sleepers that will be used to build raised kitchen gardens in 2018. It was a huge year in 2017 which a number of successful projects completed.
The SOL programme also brings to life our leadership programme, with all Year 6 students involved as SOLdiers, undertaking service roles for the school.
In addition, each year our Science units are taught in a practical way, allowing our students to develop and practise the skills required to effectively use Science in everyday life.



We plan to extend our SOL leadership programme to all senior students when we have sufficient adults to supervise their activities. Currently the leadership tasks are undertaken by our Years 5&6 SOLdiers. Our team leaders (SOL Sergeants) ensure that their team stays on track and undertake their weekly tasks.

Current SOL teams include:
  • Environment
  • Art
  • Physical Education
  • Chicken Coop

Every Friday afternoon our SOL teams undertake their tasks under the guidance of Mr Lilley, Mrs Thornton, Mrs W and Janice McCartin and a variety of parents and grandparents. As they work, they learn more about the environment, gardening, IT, Art and Phys Ed. They also learn to harvest and market the produce they grow.

Hen House
Our hen house was built by the Chicken Coop soldiers with the help of ex-parent Nigel Greenwood. Our Mottled Pekin hens have begun to lay and we are now selling and cooking with their eggs.
A huge thank you to our major sponsors of this project – Equus and Canterbury Waterproofing Ltd.