The pre-school programme runs in Com 7 on alternate Thursdays throughout the year for children who will be attending Southbridge School within the next 12 months. As their fifth birthday approaches, a series of morning visits will also be scheduled to help you and your child become familiar with classroom routines. Please ensure that you pre-enrol your child.

The preschool programme is based on parents supporting their children during their transition to school. It is an opportunity for the children to start integrating into school with input from their parents in a school environment.

Your child will benefit most by being involved in cooperative activities in a learning community. During these afternoons we will have story time, singing and discovery time (which will include a range of activities from art and crafts, play-dough, Lego, painting, etc).

You may attend as many of the preschool sessions as you like. It is helpful if you can let Mrs Bernadette Woffenden know when you are attending a session (contact the night before is fine). She can be contacted by email.

Dates for the preschool programme for this term are as follows:

Term 4, 2018   

Thursday 25 OCtober

Thursday 8 November

The pre-school programme runs from 2 – 2:50pm. Please sign in and out at the school office.