School Policies and Procedures

Our school uses a programme called SchoolDocs (a centralised, independent policy and procedure management entity), meaning that all of our policies and procedures are available online via the SchoolDocs website. All members of our community (board, staff and parents/caregivers) can now easily view our policies and provide feedback on some particular policies as they become available for review.  

If you would like to view any of our policies then please go to the following website address:  Once you are there, begin to type in ‘Southbridge School’ in the available text box and then select our school for that box when it appears.  Then type in the username ‘southbridge’ and password ‘Hastings’ and click ‘OK’.

SchoolDocs is also where you can find relevant information regarding school policies and procedures that you may have a question or concern about or may want more information on as a parent, such as, health and safety, uniform, home learning, complaints etc.


Please remember that we have high expectations and standards so expect all students to follow our guidelines for uniform and our school is a toy-free environment – we ask that all children leave their personal toys and trading cards at home. The school is not responsible for the safety of these items and they can cause arguments and distractions at school so we appreciate parent support to keep them at home.