Welcome to Term 4. This term is jam packed with exciting learning opportunities and events for the children to participate and/or compete in. Out of all the school terms this one always seems to go the fastest – we need to hit the ground running to ensure that we can cover everything we need and want to cover.

Dates to remember:


Monday 23rd – Labour Day – School Closed

Tuesday 24th – Athletics Day

Wednesday 25th  – EAST Club

Thursday 26th – Athletics Day PP

Friday 27th – Music Festival performance



Thursday 2nd – Zone Athletics

Friday 17th – Christchurch Show Day – School Closed



Monday 18th – School Picnic and Duathlon

Tuesday 19th – Final assembly at Ellesmere College

As always if you need to speak with me either send me an email or pop into Community Two.


Have a outstanding week,




 ** Home Learning is due at school every Thursday **


You will have 10 words from your list to learn this week. You could use ‘Look, cover, write and check’ to help you learn these.


Most children will bring home a book each night (Monday – Thursday), please read these at home with or to someone.  It is expected that every child is reading a novel for 20 minutes each day at home. If you need help choosing a good novel come and see me, we have a great selection in the school library.


This week we are focusing on basic facts.

Writing – optional task

Would you rather…

  1. Be too hot or too cold?
  2. Sleep or eat?
  3. Read a book or play an instrument?
  4. Be in winter or summer olympics?
  5. Be in a car or on a plane?

Choose 2 or 3 ‘would you rather’ questions and tell me your ideas. Remember to write in full sentences, punctuate and always reread to make sure your writing makes sense.