“Values are deeply held beliefs about what is important or desirable. They are expressed through the ways in which people think and act.”
The New Zealand Curriculum, 2007, p.10.

Values are the touchstones against which we measure our actions and outlook on life. Values guide our decision-making. They express how we want to be and who we want to become, both as individuals and as a community.

At our strategic consultation in November 2013, our parent community agreed that our values needed a revamp. There were too many of them for children to easily remember and use and some of the concepts were very similar in nature.

We reviewed our values throughout 2014 and also looked at the values of Ngati Moki and the other centres within the Ngā Mātāpuna o Te Waihora cluster to ensure that our values were aligned.

We have identified the five values as detailed at left and have chosen to display them in a niho taniwha model which symbolises family houses within our wider community. The different colours are aimed at helping children to remember which value represents what concepts and associate them together.

We believe that the values are well aligned to the wider area yet also represent what we want for our students while they are at Southbridge School.

During 2015 we identified well-known New Zealanders who exemplify each value and can be used to help children identify each and its supporting themes.

Aroha – Sir Richard Seddon

Mana – Willie Apiata, VC

Kaitiakitanga – Sam Johnson

Whanaungatanga – Alby Anderson

Manaakitanga – Dame Whina Cooper


These people feature on our Caught Being Good tickets which are given to students who demonstrate our school values in their daily interactions and actions.


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