In 2018 Southbridge School was accepted on to the Ministry of Education’s professional development programme called PB4L – positive behaviour for learning.

At Southbridge we work hard to ensure students are focussed on learning and to make this happen we need a clear behaviour framework. This reward system we now use is the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) programme that is used across many New Zealand Schools. The best way to describe our system is by using an analogy – in this case a road. A road environment is designed to ensure maximum driver engagement and safety, a positive experience and pave the way for ultimate success with a journey. Likewise school wide -PB4L aims to do the same at Southbridge – enable maximum student engagement, a positive experience and success with their journey of learning. Our five values: Mana, Aroha, Manaakitanga, Kaitiakitanga and Whanaungatanga are our lines, signposts indicating what we expect of all people in our learning environment. As with yellow lines on a road though, there is more meaning to each value therefore students need to understand what each one means in each setting of the school. Therefore, students are taught how to live our values in every aspect of their lives at school (and hopefully beyond). For instance – What does manaakitanga look like at Southbridge when we welcome guests to our school?

Related to our values is our ‘Caught Being Good’ (CBG) system that your child may have mentioned. The’Caught Being Good’ ticket system works when a student has displayed an expected school and/or class behaviour, the teacher responds with specific, timely, and constructively worded feedback –“Well done for displaying kaitiakitanga and putting rubbish found in our playground into a rubbish bin – that’s making a wise choice!” Such feedback promotes and supports the expected behaviour occurring again.